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With today's technology advancements, the choices of smart carbon lithium or sealed gel batteries makes off grid solar inexpensive compared to diesel generators. Solar is now so reliable you have total piece of mind.

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Be Fully Independent of External Grid Energy Supply

If a diesel generator currently powers your home or commercial building or you are looking to build in a rural area where a grid power connection is not economically viable; then an off-grid solar power plant from NRG is the best solution.

For most remote premises, the cost of a grid connection is greater than a complete off-grid solar + battery storage solution. And the best thing about solar is once you’ve got it, there's no more bills or maintenance!

Eliminate Ongoing Grid Energy Bills or Diesel Supply

Once you have us install your off-grid solar solution, you’re free to enjoy your life & never worry again about the cost of fuel, noise or maintenance of a diesel generator.

Solar Panels are Fantastic Value Now

The solar array needs to be sufficiently large enough to meet your daily energy needs and recharge the batteries for the night or poor sun days so you rarely use a generator.

Getting the right system for your needs can be technically challenging so it’s best you contact an off-grid solar energy expert. Contact us for a free assessment.

It's Easier and More Cost Effective to Go Solar Than Ever Before

It’s vital to understand the daily and seasonal power demands of your lifestyle or commercial needs to properly size a system which is why we offer a free power analysis of your business or residential premises, Anywhere.