Solar Solutions for Off-Grid PremisesTailored Solar Solutions for Rural Commercial and Residential Buildings

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The solar industry has exploded with new technologies, lower prices, and more specialised solutions; making solar a great cost effective alternative to diesel generators or having to finance the extraordinary cost of getting your rural premises connected to the grid.

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Be Fully Independent of External Grid Energy Supply

If a diesel generator currently powers your home or commercial building or you are looking to build in a rural area where a grid power connection is economically unviable; then an off-grid solar energy solution is a great cost effective alternative to diesel.

Furthermore, in many situations the cost to connect a remote premises to the grid is greater than a complete off-grid solar + battery storage solution; and the best thing about solar is once you’ve got it, you don’t have to pay quarterly electricity bills or have diesel delivered.

Eliminate Ongoing Grid Energy Bills or Diesel Supply

Once your off-grid solar solution is installed, you’re free to use as little or as much of your solar capacity without having to worry about the quarterly energy bill or running out of diesel.

The real cost of powering your rural home or commercial building on diesel is $1.60 or more per kilowatt-hour. Diesel generators are noisy and require constant maintenance.

The ideal off-grid solution requires in-depth energy consumption analysis to get it right, so the cost of your power over the lifetime of the system is under 20c per kilowatt-hour - Achieving this is why you truly need an expert.

Expand To Meet Your Energy Demands At Any Time

The solar panels need to be sufficiently large to both meet your daily energy needs and recharge the batteries for the night. But on the other hand, you don’t want to oversize the solar array because the excess solar generation is simply disposed of once the batteries are full and so the money would have been better spent on additional battery storage or energy saving electronics such as LED lighting, air conditioning, and fridges.

Getting the right system for your needs can be technically challenging so it’s best you contact an off-grid solar energy expert. We offer a free on-site audit for any buildings within 200km of Brisbane but also cater to all of NSW and QLD.

It's Easier and More Cost Effective to Go Solar Than Ever Before

We tailor design fit-for-purpose Solar NRG Solutions to solve your power supply problems and offer a cost-effective alternative to grid connections and diesel supply for commercial and residential buildings in rural areas.

It’s vital to understand the daily and seasonal power demands of your lifestyle or commercial needs to properly size a system which is why we offer a free audit of your business or residential premises within 200km of Brisbane, and we also cater to all of Queensland and New South Wales.

With NRG Solutions your energy demands can be met without compromise to your lifestyle or commercial operations.