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Free In-House Proposal For All Homes Within 200 Km of Brisbane

Fantastic advances in the solar industry has produced new battery technologies, greater PV panel output, battery management systems, and many new brand names.

It truly takes an expert to guide you through the options to come up with a package that is under 20 cents per kilowatt hour which can be much better than the grid option.

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Go Off-Grid Without Compromise To Your Lifestyle

An off-grid or self consumption solar solution utilities multiple solar technologies to supply the energy needs of a modern home. This may include the use of solar hot water systems, battery storage banks, high capacity inverters, solar PV panels, high energy efficient lighting, and numerous other technologies.

Meeting Your Energy Demands Without Grid Supply

Be sure to consult an expert to audit your current energy demands, inform you of the leading brands and their warranties; and design a suitable package to meet your energy needs.

Save yourself the hassle of low-quality battery storage; it’s not worth the initial savings to be continually replacing batteries throughout the systems life.

Common issues with stand-alone systems are mismatched equipment, inadequate battery sizing, and low-quality battery management equipment. Crude battery management controllers result in poor battery life and limited peak power output.

If your home is truly off the grid, these common issues will affect your peak electrical output and be frustrating to live with insufficient power supply.

Hassle Free Off-Grid Energy For Homes and Businesses

Just alike a grid supplied power connection, your self consumption solar solution should be maintenance free, meet all your energy demands, have a long life cycle, and a warranty that has real value.

Quality Guaranteed

We only use well-known and reputable brands; giving you peace of mind knowing your warranty has real value. We also take the responsibility of securing your manufacturer's warranty and claiming rebates; most installers leave this responsibility up to you.

Hassle Free

Battery storage banks that use maintenance free batteries, either deep cycle gel or absorbent glass matt (AGM) technology.

Meet Your Demands

The key to getting the right off-grid energy solution for your needs is to do an in-depth audit of your power consumption. We offer a free in-house audit of your electrical demands.

Easier Than Ever to go Solar

  1. Enquire online or over the phone. You will be in direct contact with one of our solar experts who speak plain-honest english without the technical jargon or hard sales.
  2. Free onsite audit of your business or residential premises. The key to getting the right solar energy package is understanding your energy demands.
  3. Presentation of quote and possible follow up site visit for price confirmation
  4. Your lifestyle power needs fulfilled.