Solar Power Battery StorageTailored Solar Solutions for Queensland Homes

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Batteries fix the pain form the huge disparity in price for the power uoi buy form the grid and the piddly amount the retailer gouges you for what you sell them.
By storing your surplus solar in batteries and using that at night you effectively get full retail price for all the solar power you generate.

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Self-Consumption Solar Solutions

A self-consumption solar model is where your existing solar system incorporates a new battery storage solution. Rather than sell your excess solar to the grid during the day, your solar power is used to recharge a battery storage bank that your home can run off during the night. This self-consumption model reduces the amount of expensive kWh you need to buy from the grid.

For every kWh your battery system can store, the more money you save from selling and buying back from the grid.

Why Add Battery Storage to Your Solar Power System?

There are a few main reasons so many homes and businesses are adding battery storage to their solar, it maybe a financial benefits, or a necessity based on their homes rural location.

  • Provides power during grid blackouts
  • Battery storage is cheaper than ever before
  • Feed-in tariffs are gone for most homes
  • It's a step in the direction to disconnect from the grid.
  • High capacity even for the most demanding homes

Gives You The Satisfaction of Smaller Power Bills

Now that the feed-in tariffs incentives are gone, and battery storage is significantly cheaper, many homes are upgrading their solar systems to a "Self-Consumption" model which incorporates a battery storage unit into their existing solar system.

Battery Storage Out of a Necessity

New rural homes and commercial building owners are finding it cheaper to get a completely off-grid solar solution with days of battery storage than to pay the extraordinarily high cost of getting the building connected to the grid.

Battery Storage Sizes and Cost?

While you do require some surplus storage, a solution can be designed for virtually any case, energy requirements, and budget; as long as you do not oversize the system, any size will offer a positive return on investment. The best way to find the right size system for your home or business is to have an on-site, no obligation analysis by a professional who can help you through the numbers.