Commercial Solar Power

One of the biggest bills for commercial and industrial businesses is the electricity bill. Rapidly escalating electricity charges can significantly impact your bottom line. What if your electricity bill was a thing of the past? Take control over your electricity bill with quality solar power systems and solar panels.

Solar NRG Solutions are experts in commercial solar power systems and industrial solar power systems starting from as small as a 15kw system through to 100kw systems. These are ideal for small to medium businesses, and give you decades of hassle free electricity for your business.

There has never been a better time to go solar for your business. Why?

  • Government subsidies and tax breaks for solar power systems.
  • Solar power systems are cheaper now that in previous years due to more efficient technology.
  • Solar power increases the Green Star Rating for your building, increasing the property’s value.
  • Faster return on investment – a system that covers your daytime electricity load will be paid back within 5-7 years, leaving 20+ years of low electricity bills after that time.
  • Investing in technology adds an asset to your business while generating low-cost electricity.
  • Our team of commercial solar power consultants and installers will deliver your project on time, on budget and with a minimum of disruption to you, your staff and your clients.

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