Lithium or Smart Carbon for Off Grid Battery Replacement?

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Are you copping heaps of negative coments from your wife, family or team from power shortages or blackouts as the battery bank drains quickly and the generator noise is destroying the peace and your pocket as fuel costs are unbearable on the budget. The fridges, and freezer are suffering from poor current or periods of not working. And then you loose sleep cause the air con is not working.

NRG has the soluion and you even have a choice of product to make the issue disappear for a very long time maybe even 15 years. Probably at much less cost than the battery storage you have at present costs you!

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  Wet Acid, AGM, & OPZV Batteries Smart Carbon Batteries Lithium Batteries
Technology Old and Inefficient Advanced Japanese Tech New, Superior Tech
Depth of Discharge 30% DOD 70% DOD 85% DOD
Lifetime Short Life Design life 15 Years Better than 10 Years
Looses charge ability, "Memory" Yes, develops a memory No memory No memory
Vulnerable to partial charge? Yes, and shortens life Does not effect life Does not effect life
Charge capacity Huge % of unusable power Best value for usable power Good value for usable power
Warranty 2-3 Years 5 Years 10 Years
Physical Size Takes up a lot of room Compact and can be stacked Smallest physical size
Operating Temperature Suffers over 25 deg temps More tolerant temp range 0-50 degree range without effect
Sulphate Sulphates badly Almost no sulphation Does not sulphate
Value Old technology and poor value Lowest price product Relatively priced for great features

Put your order in today so that the nagging issue stops as your family and team will now enjoy uninterupted silent power all the time and you will be able to make better use of your time or that of your staff as there is no maintenance to do.
What will you do with the money from fuel savings and no pressure as the life of your current generator is extended indefinitely as it is no longer wearing out from constant use.