Energy Efficient Pool Pumps

Stop! Don’t fill in that pool because of high electricity bills from your pool pump.

We have partnered with high-quality, innovative manufacturers so you can either dramatically improve the energy efficiency of your existing pool pump or replace your pool pump with a solar pool pump to reduce your ongoing energy costs to virtually nothing.

Swim Guilt-Free & Electricity Bill Free With Solar Pool Pumps

For the ultimate in guilt-free pools, change over your existing pool pump to one of our solar pool pumps.

Innovative German design from Lorentz means that for most pools, all of your filtration needs will be met directly from your solar panels. This means zero electricity bills for your pool and years of hassle-free enjoyment of your pool.

Why go solar for your Pool Pump?

  • Zero electricity bills – all your needs are met from the sun
  • Fast return on investment
  • Super quiet & efficient pumps
  • Engineered in Germany by a company with a proven service record
  • EC DRIVEDC brushless motors, specifically designed for solar with over 90% efficiency
  • Longer life on your pump than for standard AC motors so you have more years of hassle free swimming
  • Fast & simple installation
  • Backup power from mains in case of an extended run of rainy day
  • Optional surge protectors and lightning surge protectors available to protect your pump from voltage spikes

Boost the Energy Efficiency of Existing Pool Pumps

Regular pool pumps are one of the greatest guzzlers of energy in your home. Keeping your pool sparkling clean can cost you over $1000 per year to run in pool pump electricity.

If you want to keep your existing pool pump, but want to reduce your power bills, there is an innovative new option available. The Pool Pump Energy Saver is a simple plug and play piece of technology that regulates the energy consumption of your pump motor. Based on designs used for decades in manufacturing and the commercial sector, you can now regulate the speed and flow of your pump for maximum efficiency, without affecting the filtration results for your pool.

Why get a Pool Pump Energy Saver?

  • Save over 65% of pool energy costs
  • Australian designed & manufactured
  • Simple install – no new plumbing, wiring, connections, switch upgrades, pipe modifications or metering changes needed
  • Dramatically reduces pump noise
  • Immediate savings from day one
  • Suits both salt & chlorine pools
  • Fully backed with local Brisbane support
  • 24 month warranty
  • Fully safety tested & certified
  • Guaranteed to save energy in the Energy Save Mode or your money back

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