The Solar NRG Solutions Story

Choosing solar or energy efficient solutions is a long term investment in your home. That’s why it’s important to choose a company that will be here for you over the long term.

Solar NRG Solutions is an Australian business that is owned and operated by Jock Barton. Jock started his life on the land as a crop and cattle farmer – one of the old-fashioned honest and hard-working kind in country QLD.

When he saw the shift towards mega-farms, he sold his property and moved into operating the local post office at Gayndah. One of the roles in the Gayndah Post Office was recording the daily weather observations for the Bureau of Meteorology.

Over the years as a farmer and in the post office, Jock watched the changes in the weather and observed increasingly erratic seasons. As Jock says, he doesn’t know whether climate change is real or not, but he believes we need to give the environment the benefit of doubt and do what we can to minimise our impact.

That’s why Jock decided to move into solar power. It is economically justifiable and realistically sustainable; it gives free energy day after day and minimises our environmental impact. That’s why we call it “guilt free electricity”.

Solar NRG Solutions has been supporting Brisbane families and businesses with energy efficient solutions since 2008. Jock brings his country no-BS approach to his business, and only hires team members who share the same values and customer focussed approach that he does.

Backed by Quality Suppliers & Licensed Tradespeople

Where Solarhart does not have a particular product type available, we have sourced quality components and systems from major renewable energy companies around the world.

The one thing that is consistent across each of our suppliers is that they provide full warranties, which means you have peace of mind knowing that your products are from a reputable manufacturer with broad financial strength. This means that even if we cease trading, you are still protected by the full manufacturer’s warranty.

In addition, we only use CEC (Clean Energy Council) accredited electricians to install PV panels and fully licensed plumbers to install your new solar hot water system. This means you can trust that your system is correctly installed and meets all industry and legal requirements.

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